Real Estate

How We Do It

Global. Leading. Prime.

Our Approach


Our expertise covers the full spectrum of investment and development in the commercial and residential sectors.


Depth and breadth of experience is our key asset.


We leverage our unrivalled industry network to deliver for our partners.


Our decision making is based on rigorous analysis and clear strategic thinking.


Our track record and relationships provide us access to finance for large scale, complex projects even in challenging markets.


We constantly analyse the dynamic sectors and submarkets of the European property market.

Risk management

At every step of the process we identify, analyse, quantify and manage risk.


Good design creates value.


Our longstanding team of tier 1 suppliers reduce risk and adds value for our partners.

Construction management

We select the appropriate procurement strategy for each project. However, to manage risk and deliver value, understanding and managing the construction supply chain is a fundamental part of every project.